Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017

Titouni theme cake for Adam - 1 year

Red Velvet cake, decorated with cream cheese frosting, chocolate drip (sand & corals theme)

Puppy cake for Emily

Air Mauritius cake for Yuv

Chocolate cake for Gillian

Black Forest cake for Lucas, with airplanes

White Forest cake for Elliana, with rainbow and butterflies

Dark chocolate mousse

Happy dog cake (Paws) - Genoise with vanilla pastry cream

Black Forest cake for Rafael

Dora cake

Minion cake


Baked cheesecake with mixed berries

Amandine cake with sugar paste - soft green

Chocolate cake for Georgette

Chicken & mushrooms pie


Amandine cake for Angela

Superman for Hayden

Fruit tart - round

WhatsApp cake

Amandine cake - marble sugar paste

Amandine cake - square

Amandine cake with sugar paste

Fruit tarts

Tarte amandine

Liverpool Tshirt cake

Car cake

Airplane cake

Hello Kitty cake

Winnie the pooh & Tigger cake

Black Forest - individual portions

Chocolate cake for Alain

Baked espresso cheesecake

Peach coconut mousse

Birthday cake - black theme